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Tired of tossing and turning? Relaxium® Sleep is a new way to improve your sleep quality safely and naturally with no side effects.

  • Regulates the natural sleep cycle
  • Relaxes the body
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You deserve a good night's sleep!

Tired of struggling
through your day?

Sleepless nights lead to exhaustive days. Side effects from lack of sleep include impaired memory and concentration, weight-gain and depression. It’s time for a change. Forget what you think about traditional sleeping pills. Relaxium Sleep is a safe, gentle, natural and affordable non-prescription sleep aid with no side effects like traditional sleeping pills. Get the rest you need and wake up alert!

Are you ready for a better night's sleep?

If you struggle with sleeplessness, Relaxium Sleep will change your life! Relaxium Sleep helps regulate your sleep cycles so that you fall asleep when you want to and wake up refreshed. Natural Ingredients including clinically proven Valerest® and Sensoril® help you relax your body and calm your mind. Finally – deep, rejuvenating slumber that leaves you feeling rested and energized in the morning so you’re ready to take on the day.

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Relaxium Sleep works immediately! Try it tonight and wake up refreshed tomorrow. Act now to take advantage of this special risk free offer. You will get your best night’s sleep or your money back.

How It Works

Relaxium Sleep was scientifically developed by Dr. Eric Ciliberti, a clinical neurologist who has spent years working with patients suffering from lack of sleep. Many of his patients were hesitant to try traditional sleep aids due to side effects and dependency fears. In his quest to develop a natural alternative, Relaxium Sleep was born.

Relaxium Sleep’s formula contains a proprietary blend of natural ingredients including clinically proven Valerest® and Sensoril®. A true breakthrough in sleep science, Relaxium Sleep’s ingredients were clinically proven to improve the ability to sleep by up to 71%. Participants also reported up to 70% reduction in stress and anxiety, 53% boost in daytime energy and 50% improved concentration. As part of a triple action approach to better sleep, Relaxium Sleep helps regulate your sleep patterns, improve relaxation and calm your mind. Now you can sleep better, wake up alert and enjoy more productive days.

“I’ve had patients who refused to take prescription sleep medications and were really concerned about their side effects. I was convinced that I could improve their sleep safely and naturally.”

Scientifically Developed by
Dr. Eric Ciliberti - Sleep Expert & Renowned Neurologist

Real People, Real Results

See how Relaxium Sleep has improved the lives of people just like you!

*Results may vary.


What is Relaxium Sleep?

Relaxium Sleep is a non-habit forming daily supplement to help you fall asleep faster, increase your sleep quality and wake up refreshed.

How does Relaxium Sleep work?

Relaxium Sleep is an all-natural sleep supplement with Valerest® root extract and Sensoril®. The ingredients in Relaxium Sleep have been clinically shown to improve sleep without unwelcome side effects or risk of dependence.

Where is Relaxium Sleep made?

Relaxium products are proudly manufactured in the USA under the current FDA Good Manufacturing Policies.

Who is Dr. Eric Ciliberti, M.D.?

Dr. Eric Ciliberti is a Clinical Neurologist who has spent years working with patients who have trouble sleeping. Frustrated with the ineffectiveness and side effects that characterized many of the existing sleep aid options, he formulated Relaxium Sleep as a natural alternative.

How fast will I see results after taking Relaxium Sleep?

Most users begin to feel Relaxium Sleep working within 60 minutes of taking the product, however results may vary from person to person.

How often should I take Relaxium Sleep?

Dr. Ciliberti recommends taking Relaxium Sleep nightly in order to develop a healthy sleep routine. Consult with your doctor if you have any concerns whatsoever.

How many Relaxium Sleep pills do I need to take?

The regular nightly dose of Relaxium Sleep is 2 small and easy-to-swallow capsules. Each bottle comes with a full 30-day supply.

Are there any side effects related to Relaxium Sleep?

All of the ingredients in Relaxium Sleep are considered GRAS (Generally Recognized as Safe). None of the ingredients have been shown to cause side effects.

Should I consult my doctor before taking Relaxium Sleep?

As with all nutritional supplementation, you should consult your physician before making any changes to your normal day-to-day health program.